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Edward Gorey On Stage:  Playwright, Performer, Puppeteer a Multimedia Memoir

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Edward Gorey On Stage: Playwright, Director, Designer, Performer:
a Multimedia Memoir
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How to classify the American genius Edward Gorey? Artist? Writer? Godfather of Goth? What about dramatist? After winning the Tony Award for his Dracula designs, Gorey left New York for Cape Cod, where he wrote, designed, and directed his own troupe of actors and puppets in twenty-odd "entertainments." Two new illustrated memoirs by his partner CJ verburg chronicle their decade of theatrical adventures.

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Silent Night Violent Night  Ebookby CJ verburg

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Silent Night Violent Night:
a Cory Goodwin Mystery

Cory Goodwin and Lilah Darnell were rebels at Mount Holyoke College. Now Cory's a Boston journalist and Lilah's the trophy wife of publisher Bruce Easton. At his posh Christmas party, Cory spots a scoop: Harvard biologist Henry Howrigan, rumored focus of a brewing conflict – but with whom? Will Olive Chute lure him away to run Chute Labs? Will rising star Jeff Abels edge him out? Is Jeff sleeping with Bruce's secretary? Is Bruce sleeping with Henry's editor, Melinda Doerr? A blizzard strands the party overnight – including the drunk and uninvited Tony Cyr, Melinda's ex-husband and Bruce's ex-partner. When a string of nasty pranks turns fatal, it's up to Cory – daughter of detective Archie Goodwin, and the only outsider – to trap the killer.

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Croaked by CJ verburg

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Croaked: an Edgar Rowdey
Cape Cod Mystery

Cape Cod! To Lydia Vivaldi, it looks like sanctuary – until she learns her one friend in Quansett is dead. How could a skilled carpenter fall off a ladder at a film shoot? When Lydia lands a cooking job at Leo's Back End, her questions are stonewalled by the flirtatious filmmaker and resented by the police. Only Edgar Rowdey, famous local author of creepy little books, shares Lydia's doubts about the "accident." Can this unlikely pair of detectives find out what really happened before it happens again?

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Dark Horse a romance novel by Charisse Howard


Charisse Howard's e-romance Dark Horseman is a thrilling gallop through the horse country of antebellum Virginia, full of disguises, surprises, and Shakespeare!